Used Rickenbacker 325

We are proud to honor John Lennon with the Inspired By his used Rickenbacker 325 . We have been selling Rickenbacker 325  Guitars since 2009 and have 100% customer satisfaction!

Rock band the Beatles John Lennon to Rickenbacker 325 on sale!  This is a copy of the John Lennon used  Rickenbacker 325, this is John Lennon used copy of the guitar. It is for the same specifications of the original Rickenbacker 325. To make a Rickenbacker 325. Grover tuners, Rickenbacker bridge, maple body and beautiful neck (set), toaster style pickup the exact specifications, synchronously breeze played John Lennon, as with any TV plays and sounds good!

It is available in both right and left handed.


The price for this great Rickenbacker 325 guitar is ONLY $498  !   Please contact us for more information.



Used Rickenbacker 325 JetGlo ,Semi-hollow body,  out the body of the maple, rosewood fretboard with dot Mosaic, the top three style restoring ancient ways of toaster pickups, stress vibrato, rolling, the tuner of style restoring ancient ways. Here it is: the iconic 325 as the Ed Sullivan show in 1964 by the famous John lennon order after all of these are very long, so be sure to get this, while you can. Equipped with luxury silver hard box style restoring ancient ways.  $ Ask For Price.



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