The Beatles Rickenbacker

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Although the last thing the Beatles Br Lantes needed at the beginning of 1964 was Secret weapon, That’s exactly what they got when George Harrison re U his first Rickenbacker 12-string, in a beautiful Fireglo finish, in February this year, when the Beatles first U.S. tour with Rickenbacker guitars.

The guitar was given to him by Francis C. Hall, owner and president of Rickenbacker company based in California, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary.


Room talked to Brian Epstein before The Beatles Rickenbacker arrived in the United States and organized a meeting with the group. February 8 at the Savoy Hilton New York, he showed bands of several different models. Lennon tried the 360/12 but thought it would be better for Harrison, who was sick in bed with H as Plaza. When Harrison finally got to see it, liked it immediately.


“I immediately liked that you knew exactly what ChaDid that,” said Harrison, referring to the fa Including 12 on the guitar tuners are grouped in pairs and high c aside -mounted on the headstock. [In some] 12 strings, you spend hours trying to fix it. ”

First 360/12

Harrison was the second Rickenbacker 12-string ever made; serial number – CM107 – dates to December 1963 The main difference between it and the prototype is the manner by which they are strung .. The first model has a classical string configuration 12, wherein the heat is not octave the first to be hit in each pair of cha do. On the model of Harrison et seq Rickenbacker 12-string, the octave strings occur in the second pair of each donkeys and the chain will lower slope is hit first guitar.

Harrison has a trapeze tailpiece, triangle inlays, double white plate protection, black control knobs and mono and stereo (Rick-O-Sound) outputs mounted on a chrome plate on the heart of the tee guitar.


The Beatles Rickenbacker, with its unique, its chimes can be heard on “You can not do Has,” the bulk of the Night Album: A Hard Day, “I Call Your Name, This you do “-.” Ticket to Ride “and several other songs, up to and including his second 360/12, a 1965 model with rounded cutaway, is heard on” If I Needed Someone. ” 

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