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ric 325

This auction is for a mint condition, 2003 reissue of a Rickenbacker-325C58 MG “Hamburg” C Series (Mapleglo). I presently own two 325C58s (one Mapleglo and one Jetglo). Although both guitars play, sound, and look great, I can’t really justify keeping two of these guitars in my collection (running out of closet space!). I would really like to see this guitar get into the hands of someone who will enjoy playing and taking care of such a beautiful instrument! The Mapleglo in this auction has only been played for a total of 4 hours since I’ve owned it. So, it is essentially brand new. (The dark areas on the back of the neck and the body in the photos which appear to be discoloration on the finish are actually shadows from the guitar stand and myself standing over the guitar.) The final auction price includes all original documents, the original silver Rickenbacker case, and a hex wrench for fine tuning the bridge height. (Lower 48 US states only please)

Production of the Rickenbacker-325C58 is now discontinued and has become increasingly difficult to locate one in mint condition. This is a great chance to own a piece of Beatle history. So, don’t wait too long before someone seizes the opportunity before you! Good luck to all bidders!