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325 connection

This website is a collection of galleries containing photographs of Vintage 310 – 325 Rickenbacker guitars in private and public collections. Also featured here are articles and information on Vintage Vox JMI amplifiers and early Rickenbacker Capri guitar wiring

This site started of in 1999 with just one page. It grew quickly with an explosion of interest in Rickenbacker 325’s that was going on. New entires for the galleries are still arriving regularly. If you have a Vintage 325 or know of one of these classic vintage guitars feel free to contact me for inclusion. If you prefer to retain privacy for your guitars I would still like to hear from you regarding information for my private database. Particularly 1958 325’s. There is still much being learned about the production of these early guitars. Pre 70’s models are what is required for the galleries at the moment.

Additional data or thoughts are always welcome.