rickenbacker 325 review

There are four types of electric guitars: regular solid body (ash, alder, linden), mahogany solid body, semi-acoustic, and semi-hollow. This semi-hollow is made from a single bank of maple (normally two pieces of quarter-sawn maple glued end-to-end to prevent warping). Three sonic chambers are then hollowed out from the back, and then a slab of maple is glued to the back. One of the sonic chambers is under the bridge, and this creates a unique tone. Rickenbacker is the only company that I know of which creates guitars using this original method, but only some of their guitars are made this way. The others are mostly of the semi-acoustic class, and are also of unusual construction.
Most guitarists should try all four types, so don’t overlook the 325, which is of the semi-acoustic class. It has a 21-inch scale (82% of regular), so to create the same string tension as on a 25.5-inch scale, use GHS Guitar Boomers 11 15 18 26 36 50. They’re non-nickle, which brings out the twangy harpsichord tone. Actually the guitar that I have, which is a 320 from 1981, is very similar to this one; the main difference is the pickup configuration.
Expect it to cost more, but remember that it is made in the USA only, and that it is very unique.

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