Left Hand Rickenbacker Guitar

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From classic rock today is still a favorite in the ’60 s.
Its unique hollow-body construction, slender neck, full body contour Rickenbacker 330 left hand guitar very comfortable, very easy to play it has held as one of the great guitar for decades. Its body is made up of a whole piece of maple and accurate with a solid back. Maple and hua limu neck function double truss and rosewood fingerboard polka dot mark. One coil pick-up is clear, bell provide output in the range of saturated speeding.
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Product features
The left hand  Rickenbacker Guitar
Half a hollow-body
The slender neck can play
Comfortable, full body contour
The fuselage is composed of a whole piece of maple wood carving
Maple neck xylophone using double truss and rosewood fret-board with black dot inlays
One coil pickup from clean tonal provide bit overload output range
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Rickenbacker Bass Copies

Rickenbacker Bass Copies For sale $498  left handed Rickenbacker 325 copy – $498 Great copy of a Rickenbacker Bass Copies,  john Lennon Rickenbacker 325.

I’m playing bass in a small rock band in local, in another hand, I am one of the Rickenbacker fas, just like you all, I always wanted to buy a Rickenbacker Bass as the Beatles used to played one. But the price of this Rickenbacker Bass is not something I can accept, the price to high that will take me few years to savings money. By that time, I am already old~ lol

So I just want to find a pair of Rickenbacker bass copies. I am looking for it for a long time, on the Internet, in local stores and found a lot of places. But I couldn’t find any good copy in a reasonable price, some cheap copies do not look very close to the original Rickenbacker bass.

After a few month searching, I found out some forums, there are some people saying that there is a website able to custom-made Rickenbacker bass. Then I followed this link to enter this web site http://www.rareelectricguitar.com/, I found that they are not only able to customized
Rickenbacker bass, they also copied a lot of guitar of other great bass plays and guitars. The website has quite a lot guitars with real pictures to show their production capacity and technological level.

After several times communication, I finally decided to customize my Rickenbacker bass copy on the website, I want Rickenbacker bass and looking forward to the arrival of this bass. After weeks of waiting, I finally received this bass. The appearance point of view, it is awesome. This bass worth for this Price, I really don’t know where is their profits. The craft work and tone performance can almost better than Fender Squier Bass, and this the bass to working and hand feeling is great, I really think that I have pick up a treasure. I also plan to order a new Rickenbacker bass in a couple of months. Calculate again to order an additional Rickenbacker bass model.


Rickenbacker Blueburst

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Rickenbacker 360 (Blueburst)
From the day of the invasion of the British rock icon.
The rickenbacker 360 electric guitar blueburst broke all the rules, when it appears in a 1960 s Britain. Through several years update ably, this luxury hollow-body and whole body circumference around its special shape is incredibly comfortable.
Unique shape and rosewood fingerboard with triangular pearloid marker provides a rich, the visual effect of restoring ancient ways. The maple neck xylophone has double truss, and provides one coil pickups from clean sound bite overload.
Control including the volume and tone by 3-way selector for each pickup. A primary pre-set allows the tone and volume Settings to switch immediately with a visit. The stereo output is Rickenbacker 360 standard blueburst.
Rickenbacker 360 Blueburst product features:
Luxury hollow-body construction
Around the entire surrounding the fuselage contour especially incredibly comfortable
Rosewood fingerboard with triangle pearloid tag
Maple neck xylophone, double girder pole
One coil pick-up provides clean sound bites from overload
3-way selector for the pick up
Allow the tones to the preset and volume setting is set to immediate choice and switch
The stereo output
Rickenbacker 360 Blueburst
Under the condition of electric guitar, including: Rickenbacker standard,
Rickenbacker 330 Blueburst ( & Purple Blueburst)
Market Us $2250   Our Price $ 489
Amazing colors when youth affairs committee Blueburst (BBR). 8 week 27 2006 Rickenbacker spray guitar, all of the 330 s or 340 s, in a slightly purple hue to the formal Bluebursts. Currently, only the eight exist, they are very collection value… A bit like those stamps printed upside down years ago, it is worth a maximal element. Rickenbacker corrected the mistake, and acknowledged that the “wrong” “I also contains a profile picture with conventional Rickenbacker Blueburst. This guitar is mint and all original paperwork and hard case.

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Rickenbacker Capri 325

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The rock history there have been many famous guitar, one of the most famous guitar has been used by John Lennon Rickenbacker in 1958 325 types of Capri (serial number “V81”), wood paint. Buy a Steinway Hamburg, Germany in 1960, the Rickenbacker Capri 325 guitar quickly became an icon for the British invasion. American guitar was high in the late 50’s and early 60’s and pursued the British musicians from the UK young aspiring guitarist imitation America rock music and passion, will create the British rock. John Lennon Is it right? From Rickenbacker Capri 325 guitar this passion for exemption and acquisitions in the USA manufacturing would be a dream come true. Lennon accidentally discovered in 1958 Rickenbacker Capri 325 model is accidental, but in 1960, will always keep the Rickenbacker instrument and the British invasion of the autumn Hamburg trip will be so do things by irregular ways moment.
One of the more interesting aspects of a first Lennon Rickenbacker was Rickenbacker Capri 325, he on the instrument to the control knob, vibrato and repair many modifications. Although the focus of this paper is to his musical instruments from nature to a black paint repair, some additional study results are discussed, the first of which is Biggs than vibrato setup. The story begins with Bigsby, part of Lennon’s friend, Chris Houston, won the Bigsby from the USA arrangement. The details can be seen in the following letter bee.

Rickenbacker Carl Wilson

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The CW Rickenbacker 360 Carl Wilson Guitar
The original price is $3250.00-2000 Rickenbacker 360 the CW Carl Wilson gloucester limited edition  Now our price is only $569
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Rickenbacker 360 the CW Carl Wilson absolutely gorgeous, and as close to what is “new” requirement, we have seen in the store. This is the beach boys “Carl Wilson, a limited edition of 360 the CW. Ended in 2000, this guitar is only by a 500 only 250 six string to make it back very much. It is 100% original and function, including the wounds of the scattered “toaster” pickups, 21 fret neck, full width neck inlay, get better performance is thinner at the top of the acoustic and electric, checkered binding, and all the beautiful FireGlo completed. With C.O.A. to complete and original style restoring ancient ways tolex cases also like new condition. “Surfing!”
New made in “2000” Original w / warranty registration card (never completed), new condition Rickenbacker 360 12CW Carl Wilson (Beach Boys) Limited Edition 12 strings, very Flamey, beautiful “Fireglo” finish, tiles Binding, Handmade as “1965”, Toaster pickups, this guitar plays like a dream and chimes like no other 12-string ever made, Byrds, Beatles, Hollies, Tom Petty etc. this is the guitar, j ‘ ‘ve owned four different 360-12 of my life all the great guitars but not like this, it is the 12 strings the most amazing I’ve ever heard or read, you will never find a “New ” Rickenbackr Carl Wilson with all original candy and unsigned warranty card again. It is hot he was alive, now that he is dead, they will continue to increase in value. I did’t want to have to sell, but the bills have to be paid editing, my loss is your gain. 

1. & Only 500 is signed, it is # 304 out of 500


2 original. Displays  Rickenbacker Carl Wilson included


3. Includes “Certificate of authenticity and origin” of & signed by C. Hall, president of Rickenbacker International Corp.


4. Polish original fabric Ric unused, original registration card, original manual care and maintenance, additional original keys & screws, plus new pick guard unsigned


New Rickerbacker “Silver Collector” guitar case included, w / blue crushed velvet interior and a set of spare strings included 5 Special.

Rickenbacker Guitar in Cheap Price

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Is there any decent cheap version of Rickenbacker guitars (hollow or solid body)?

Rickenbacker feverishly to defend their design. Won’t have too many cloned because of this reason. Sometimes you will find that your clone closer to the original manuscript on ebay, though. They even look at eBay auction has closed and cloned. Geek:
I like Rickenbacker, however, I think they are a very good company who is still small enough to clone hurt their business. In addition, they stopped doing business in the GC, they refused to stop selling cloning as an original store in Boston. I respect them a lot about their guns for a large company, when it comes to his own principles.
I’ve got from  guitar online store http://www.rareelectricguitar.com which is very close to rickenbacker 325. I bought about 2 or 3 years ago, when they just came out. Don’t know if they are still doing them, but I know I’ve seen some things have changed in the later model (spindle box, pickup, etc.), may be to avoid a lawsuit.
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