Rickenbacker Lemmy

The Rickenbacker Lemmy Bass is a guitar that would make Keith Richards proud. Pick up a new or used Rickenbacker Lemmy 4004LK  here !

Rickenbacker paid tribute to the  metal and Lemmy Kilmister Motorhead signature with the introduction of 4004LK , a lower limit of 60 items was identified in 1995, although production began around 2000 signatures.


Bass instrument is half and half art, like the body of nuts each room has a raised hand-carved oak leaves and white checked the link. Since they were all handmade, the relief a little different from the rest of each low, giving each a unique identity.

Lemmy Kilmister Rickenbacker Lemmy bass

Rickenbacker Limited Edition Signature 4004LK Gallery:

Rickenbacker Lemmy bass was the maple neck has a rosewood fingerboard, accented with inlaid stars. The initial prototype consisted of two microphones Rickenbacker while the actual production batch has three, although the original production ran into some problems there is some variance in the placement. Finally, the bass is finished with gold hardware and a polished matte finish oil.


4004LK Rickenbacker Lemmy originally retailed for about $ 1800, but good luck finding someone to give up now. One was auctioned on eBay in February for about $ 11.385.


We sell it only $649 !


Rickenbacker Lemmy Kilmister bass

Rickenbacker limited edition Signature 4004LK Features:

Scale: 33 1/4 ”

Body: Walnut Maple



Frets: 20

Pickups: Humbuckers Three Rickenbacker

Electronics: Passive

Material: Gold

Other details: Hand carved relief limited to 60 pieces, cover plates corresponding wood

Price: original retail: $ 1.795;

Our Price : $649


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