Left Hand Rickenbacker Guitar

We are proud to honor Left Hand Rickenbacker Guitar, great deal!  We have been selling Rickenbacker Guitars since 2009 and have 100% customer satisfaction! ONLY $498
From classic rock today is still a favorite in the ’60 s.
Its unique hollow-body construction, slender neck, full body contour Rickenbacker 330 left hand guitar very comfortable, very easy to play it has held as one of the great guitar for decades. Its body is made up of a whole piece of maple and accurate with a solid back. Maple and hua limu neck function double truss and rosewood fingerboard polka dot mark. One coil pick-up is clear, bell provide output in the range of saturated speeding.
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Product features
The left hand  Rickenbacker Guitar
Half a hollow-body
The slender neck can play
Comfortable, full body contour
The fuselage is composed of a whole piece of maple wood carving
Maple neck xylophone using double truss and rosewood fret-board with black dot inlays
One coil pickup from clean tonal provide bit overload output range
If you are looking for this left hand Rickenbacker 330 guitar, please contact us for the details.

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