john lennon rickenbacker 325 guitar

The Beatles had Rickenbacker guitars and Rickenbacker guitars had the Beatles. Would The Beatles have had their great success without the Rickenbacker guitars? Of course they would! Whether Rickenbacker guitars would have had their great success without the Beatles is an interesting question about which we can only speculate. A more valuable and interesting pursuit would be to explore the importance of Rickenbackers in the music of the Beatles. We will never get a chance to know for sure out so letĀ“s drop the speculations here and now! Instead let us look back! In my opinion there has never been a Rickenbacker – Artist symbiosis like the one between John Lennon and his Rickenbacker 325.

Welcome to the story of The BeatlesĀ“ Rickenbackers! I hasten to remind you dear reader, that this is the story seen through my own eyes and the views expressed herein, should not be held up to the highest standard of scientific scrutiny.


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