rickenbacker 325 jetglo

Year: 1969
Manufacturer: Rickenbacker
Model: 325
Case: Original Hard
Color: Jetglo
Condition: Very Good
Description: Wow, talk about a rare bird. This is a 100% original jetglo 1969 Rickenbacker 325 with a SOLIDTOP. Yes, that’s right, this is just like Lennon’s 325 that he started using on the 2nd Ed Sullivan Show and the movie “A Hard Day’s Night.” This is NOT a refin, this is NOT a conversion. This is the real thing. NO breaks, cracks, or repairs. NO issues, this guitar is perfection. This guitar is featured on my YouTube channel with over 50,000 views!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WC2u0Bwd22s&feature=channel_video_title This is the holy grail for all you Beatle fans and collectors. You will not find another, especially in this condition. Overally very good condition. There are scratches which are mostly on the back which do not go through the finish, so they do not photograph well. But the guitar is very clean overall. The neck profile is perfect and classic vintage Rickenbacker. The 3 toaster pickups have that vintage tone that the reissues can’t touch. Plug this into a vintage Vox AC30 and you absolutely NAILS that classic Beatles tone and vibe. The Accent tremolo stays in tune even with heavy whammy use. Perfect neck angle with super low action. Great fret life with a super comfy fast neck. The guitar originally came with silver top knobs which are included, BUT it will come with authentic matched set of VINTAGE bakelite knobs from the early 60’s. These knobs alone are impossible to find, they are NOT the cheap looking plastic ones found on the reissues. Of course the original case is included. The pots date to ’68, but it has a ’69 serial number. The treble cap is still intact. All solder joints are 100% original and untouched. “325” is faintly written under the small pickguard. The trem is 100% original evidenced by the lack of extra holes for any other type of tailpiece (this is NOT a 320 that was converted). The pickup routes are 100% correct and original (this is NOT a 315 that was converted) It is obvious from looking at the guitar that an f hole never existed, this came stock from Ric with a SOLID TOP just like Lennon’s. Only a few solidtop jetglo 325’s are known to exist from the 60’s, and this is one of them. The only way you could find another is if you could convince Yoko to sell hers…..

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