Rickenbacker Jetglo Bass

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A classic bass and distinctive design and unique function.
The 4003 rickenbacker Jetglo bass is a famous ringing continuously, high power, solid bottom bottom. It also with its unique, elegant arc body modelling, by binding, luxury triangle plate set, stereo output, one-piece design construction, double truss, wide response range and high output of single coil pickups subtle with emphasis and brilliant clarity. Restoring ancient ways tonal choose activated treble in capacitor emphasized high-end pickup circuit. In asking you to get familiar with the voice of the 4003, add the pull to bite and crispness.
Product features
Elegant arc modelling of the fuselage
The stereo output
One-piece body construction
Double truss
High output of single coil pickups
Restore ancient ways tonal choose to ascend and high-end
Luxury triangle is embedded
Salem luxury machine cutter
Reviews for the Rickenbacker Jetglo Bass
Such a warm voice! Each had its own particular tone, this Rickenbacker Jetglo Bass is the one I like,  one of the reasons for the excessive bass. This is definitely worth to show off the bass. I suggest to remove the bridge pick-up, it is counterproductive. You’ll be surprised how can effective slapped on the bass. I think I should point out, I use a 15 watts of budweiser guitar amplifier (bass), it may not do the wheat-rick justice.
Rickenbacker Jetglo Bass Action, fit and coating: I love really is very low and ringing to maintain, you can get a lot of voice, it with little effort. The bridge pickup can raise or lower use screwdriver to adjust the sensitivity.
Reliability and durability, the Rickenbacker Jetglo Bass will live better than me. It’s built like a tank, but surprisingly light. The finish is perfect, it warned that even without the use of chlorine in the manual of cleaner, because it dissolves paint. With button a little short, this is a problem easily fixed with a belt lock. Neck is brilliant. He’s not one, but two truss. Don’t bother with the baby’s backup, and you certainly don’t need it.
Overall impression: I have been playing the bass, 4 or 5 years, in addition to rick, I own a squire P – bass. I have a squire Telecaster.
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