rickenbacker 325 copy for sale

This is a drop-dead beautiful Fernandez copy of a Rickenbacker 325 made in the1980’s. These guitars are no longer manufactured in Japan.

Replicating Lennon’s 325, this guitar features a genuine Bigsby B5 vibrato system, vintage strap end pins, genuine Bigsby Bowtie bridge, 3/4 size neck scale, hollow body construction, JetGlo (black) finish, 3 genuine Rickenbacker toaster pickups with slotted corner screws, Grover Sta-Tite tuners, elongated jack plate (like Lennon’s), slotted screws on the neck plate, jack plate, and tuners (all like Lennon’s), genuine Ric CTS potentiometers 330K ohm (volume and tone controls), genuine Ric 3 position, toggle switch, genuine Ric Switchcraft USA mono-phone jack, Burns knobs, Pyramid 11 gauge strings made in Germany (like Lennon’s), Rickenbacker 325 hard case.

The guitar is in excellent-excellent condition. It plays fast up and down the neck. If you’re a Lennon fan, this guitar is meant for you! See our GUITAR PICS page for more photos.


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