Chinese Rickenbacker 325

Looking for a good China made Rickenbacker 325 guitar replica ? ~ Really nice Rickenbacker 325 clones. Only $498  Best Price and best copies.



This a great Chinese made guitar, this Rickenbacker 325  was made ready in last month, I order from a Chinese shop online, it sounds great and with very cheap price. here are some of my experience dealing with Chinese sellers.

All the test of experience is good. This Chinese Rickenbacker 325 is 100% at the photos. On the quality of a small problem with the pickup fix, but it is expected to give the project price, all these problems can be solved. To communicate with the Chinese seller has no problem at all, all emails are reply back very soon, I have to wait for 3 weeks for the guitar , it has been shipped, but it’s sure for me. The packaging is not too bad, they use EMS as transporter, they use thick foam packing, the guitar is OK when i receive it.  So in any case, the guitar is a very good price, I give 5 stars for this deal. I had a great expedience with this Chinese made Rickenbacker 325 copy.   I might need another guitars to be made next month, hopefully I will order from them again. It is not that bad if you like to buy one  Chinese copy, just try them once you will know.

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