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Is there any decent cheap version of Rickenbacker guitars (hollow or solid body)?

Rickenbacker feverishly to defend their design. Won’t have too many cloned because of this reason. Sometimes you will find that your clone closer to the original manuscript on ebay, though. They even look at eBay auction has closed and cloned. Geek:
I like Rickenbacker, however, I think they are a very good company who is still small enough to clone hurt their business. In addition, they stopped doing business in the GC, they refused to stop selling cloning as an original store in Boston. I respect them a lot about their guns for a large company, when it comes to his own principles.
I’ve got from ¬†guitar online store http://www.rareelectricguitar.com which is very close to rickenbacker 325. I bought about 2 or 3 years ago, when they just came out. Don’t know if they are still doing them, but I know I’ve seen some things have changed in the later model (spindle box, pickup, etc.), may be to avoid a lawsuit.
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