Cheap Rickenbacker Guitars

Save on Rickenbacker 325, Get a cheap Rickenbacker 325 copy at $498 ! Great replica hand craft made. Worth for this cheap price.

This guitar is the best quality Rickenbacker guitar copy you can find on the market, but it is only cost  what you usually pay for the original Rickenbacker guitars 10%,  the cheap price is only a small part of the original price. Every one curious about  how such an amazing product can be so cheap? Yes, in your world is is not possible , but here it is OK for sure.  Here is a simple,  The Samsung S5 cell phone price is about $200 in US market ,   the same configuration cell phone in HUAWEI ( a Chinese company) is selling about $80 also in US market, the price gap is around $120.  There  are only 2 differences, 1, the brands are differences,  of course Samsung have bigger name than Huawei, so it able to ask for higher price 2, Samsung is a Koran brand, HUAWEI is a Chinese brand, China is a Labor intensive country, so Huawei could afford to use lower price  strategic to preemption on the market.  But Samsung also make there products in China, this  fact shows that Samsung earned much more from users ( they all made in China, but Samsung much more expensive).    This example might not too apt but the

Truth is the same.  Labor cost and Raw materials could much more affect the final price in the end, Cheap Labor does not mean that quality has been damaged,  it is only mean we are not that big brand, but we are  still trying to give both of us a  opportunity to get what we need.   You need cheap Rickenbacker guitars, we need alive. more details:

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