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Great deal ! Buy the Rickenbacker Bass is a guitar that would make Keith Richards proud. Pick up a new or used Rickenbacker 4003 bass or Rickenbacker 325 here!

Buy Rickenbacker Bass 4003 –

‘W Series’

Colour of the Year 2014

A rare opportunity for you in this classic bassist in such a unique finish.
Classic Rickenbacker bass – the famous ringing continuously, high punch and solid at the bottom of the bass. Combined with a subtle favor with elegant arc airframe and mahogany fingerboard. Luxury triangle inlay and stereo function is a standard function.
Size: solid
Wire products: 20
Scale length is 84.5 cm (1/4 “) 33
The neck pillow width 42.9 mm (1 11/16 “)
Neck width on the 12th article 54.0 mm (2 1/8 “)
The crown radius of 25.4 cm (10 ‘)
Wood of the body: maple
The neck of wood: maple
Fingerboard wood, rose wood
Weight: 4.1 kg (9.0 pounds).
The total length: 113.8 cm (44 13/16 ‘)
Total 34.3 cm wide (13 1/2 “)
The overall depth: 51.2 mm (1 1/4 “)
Is the neck binding:
Wire mark style: triangle
Padding: RIC
Bridge: RIC
Neck: through the body
Pick-up number: 2
Pickup type: one coil
The output type: mono and stereo
Nose: Salem luxury
Buy Rickenbacker Bass reviews:
This Rickenbacker Bass plays a big in the summer, when you’re not constantly adjust the truss rod. A convex, and the other a concave. I can’t believe that it does not tear apart. On the way to get palm mute mute pad of the screw. Records of the pick-up can be tricky constant hum. It’s no use plastic cover for pickup. From the good aspects: – work for hand and fingers (without so many chords) or major. – balance – beautiful. – when the appropriate adjustments to the neck feel great (… but for how long?). I have been playing the bass for 20 years. I play this six years, always disappointed. Would you please do me a favor, try other bass within this price range. The bass TRUELY love Labour.
I buy the Rickenbacker Bass in late September, I was told that it will be about two years of waiting (maximum). A few weeks later, I have received a phone call that my bass is overcome all the difficulties of the town. I didn’t put all the money I have saved because I didn’t expect it so soon, but when I went to the long MaiKuiDe to play it, I can’t leave without it! The bass is I went to the bass and it using your fingers, has a perfect sound and smooth sweet voice! And its ` glad to have a pick a more sharp, an aggressive voice! The bass can do what you want it, it’s worth every penny!

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