Rickenbacker Blueburst

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Rickenbacker 360 (Blueburst)
From the day of the invasion of the British rock icon.
The rickenbacker 360 electric guitar blueburst broke all the rules, when it appears in a 1960 s Britain. Through several years update ably, this luxury hollow-body and whole body circumference around its special shape is incredibly comfortable.
Unique shape and rosewood fingerboard with triangular pearloid marker provides a rich, the visual effect of restoring ancient ways. The maple neck xylophone has double truss, and provides one coil pickups from clean sound bite overload.
Control including the volume and tone by 3-way selector for each pickup. A primary pre-set allows the tone and volume Settings to switch immediately with a visit. The stereo output is Rickenbacker 360 standard blueburst.
Rickenbacker 360 Blueburst product features:
Luxury hollow-body construction
Around the entire surrounding the fuselage contour especially incredibly comfortable
Rosewood fingerboard with triangle pearloid tag
Maple neck xylophone, double girder pole
One coil pick-up provides clean sound bites from overload
3-way selector for the pick up
Allow the tones to the preset and volume setting is set to immediate choice and switch
The stereo output
Rickenbacker 360 Blueburst
Under the condition of electric guitar, including: Rickenbacker standard,
Rickenbacker 330 Blueburst ( & Purple Blueburst)
Market Us $2250   Our Price $ 489
Amazing colors when youth affairs committee Blueburst (BBR). 8 week 27 2006 Rickenbacker spray guitar, all of the 330 s or 340 s, in a slightly purple hue to the formal Bluebursts. Currently, only the eight exist, they are very collection value… A bit like those stamps printed upside down years ago, it is worth a maximal element. Rickenbacker corrected the mistake, and acknowledged that the “wrong” “I also contains a profile picture with conventional Rickenbacker Blueburst. This guitar is mint and all original paperwork and hard case.

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