Rickenbacker Bass Copies

Rickenbacker Bass Copies For sale $498  left handed Rickenbacker 325 copy – $498 Great copy of a Rickenbacker Bass Copies,  john Lennon Rickenbacker 325.

I’m playing bass in a small rock band in local, in another hand, I am one of the Rickenbacker fas, just like you all, I always wanted to buy a Rickenbacker Bass as the Beatles used to played one. But the price of this Rickenbacker Bass is not something I can accept, the price to high that will take me few years to savings money. By that time, I am already old~ lol

So I just want to find a pair of Rickenbacker bass copies. I am looking for it for a long time, on the Internet, in local stores and found a lot of places. But I couldn’t find any good copy in a reasonable price, some cheap copies do not look very close to the original Rickenbacker bass.

After a few month searching, I found out some forums, there are some people saying that there is a website able to custom-made Rickenbacker bass. Then I followed this link to enter this web site http://www.rareelectricguitar.com/, I found that they are not only able to customized
Rickenbacker bass, they also copied a lot of guitar of other great bass plays and guitars. The website has quite a lot guitars with real pictures to show their production capacity and technological level.

After several times communication, I finally decided to customize my Rickenbacker bass copy on the website, I want Rickenbacker bass and looking forward to the arrival of this bass. After weeks of waiting, I finally received this bass. The appearance point of view, it is awesome. This bass worth for this Price, I really don’t know where is their profits. The craft work and tone performance can almost better than Fender Squier Bass, and this the bass to working and hand feeling is great, I really think that I have pick up a treasure. I also plan to order a new Rickenbacker bass in a couple of months. Calculate again to order an additional Rickenbacker bass model.


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