Rickenbacker Bass Cheap

Looking for Rickenbacker Bass  in Cheap price? Great deal here for Only $498 ! Cheapest price ever! this is great copy of Rickenbacker Bass.

I play bass in a small group of local rock, in other hand, I’m one of the i most like bass is  Rickenbacker bass. But like all of you, I always wanted a Rickenbacker bass it is not cheap at all, the Beatles are the used to buy a game. But the price of this Rickenbacker Bass is not something that I the price, which save me a few years of money do not assume. At the moment I am old already lol ~


I want to find only a couple of Rickenbacker bass copies. I am for a long time on the Internet, in local shops SIGNATURES, And found many places. But I could not find at a reasonable price a good copy, cheap copies are not very close to the original Rickenbacker bass air.

After a few months searching, I found some forums, there are people who say that there is a site able to Rickenbacker bass custom. Then I followed the link to this site http://www.rareelectricguitar.com/ access, I found that not only are they able to measure

Rickenbacker bass, but also copied a lot of guitar and many other games and guitars. The website has a lot of guitars with real images show the production capacity and technological level. All Rickenbacker bass selling on the site are really cheap.


After several hours of communication, I decided to adjust my copy Rickenbacker bass on the website, I want Rickenbacker bass and is looking forward to the arrival of this bass. After weeks of waiting, I finally again This U-Bass. The view of the phenomenon, it is awesome. That’s low for this price, lowest price , cheap but good!  I know really not know where their profits. Work and behavior of the machine can almost better than Fender Squier bass and bass-work and hand feeling is great like, I really think I bring a treasure. I also plan to order a new Rickenbacker bass in a few months. Recalculated to order anther model of  Rickenbacker bass. 

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