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Does  any one know where I can find a very good copy of  Rickenbacker bass 4003 to buy?  My younger  brother’s birthday is coming next month, he’s 17 years old already and he just like the Rickenbacker bass 4003, in Jetglo black.  I have searched online for a well, the price is too high for me.  I would spend around $500 to buy a Rickenbacker bass 4003 copy.  Some one told me before that if I have enough time, I can customized one, just exactly same as the original. But customized guitar also too much for me to afford in US.  I have see a website called , have any body have deal with them before? Are they good enough for buy a Rickenbacker bass 4003 copy?

For your requests , we are able to do all for you. We are a custom guitar shop that make nice Rickenbacker bass copies. And more other famous guitars. We have hand craft professional guitar makers, 14 years experience on making guitars. We have ready made some replica guitar as reference for you to show our technological level. If you want to know details ,please get in our website to see.


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