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The great Guitars   –  John Lennon’s Second Rickenbacker 325 Guitar



Late in February 1964 John Lennon re U his second 325. Has been sent to him in H such Deauville in Miami where they recorded their second performance in “Ed Sullivan Show” on February 16. The Beatles arrived in Miami on Feb. 13 and the guitar was delivered one day between the two dates. The updated guitars Model 325 version Rickenbacker has the following specifications: body jetglo black, double white protective plates, 5 buttons and a modern vibrato tailpiece Accent Rickenbacker. John quickly adopted the guitar to his favorite instrument.


This brings us to an interesting and widely discussed topic over the years. It has been said that the first 325 John Lennon was stolen at the time of receipt of the new 325 in Miami. There are many Beatles fans who claim that John has never used his ’58 325 after Ed Sullivan Show February 9, 1964. However, this is a complete mistake. Photos from September 30, 1964 shows John playing his ’58 325 during the recording of “Beatles For Sale”. Photos are displayed in “The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, By Mark Lewisohn on page 51. John with his shirt dotted standing surrounded by cases and bags guitar. It can also seen talking to Paul on the photo to the right. same clothes. page 48, Ringo prepares for timpani “Every Little Thing.” This picture is dated September 30. This is certainly taking 9 of the song, when was added drums, piano and guitar intro. On pages 52 and 53, there are more pictures to confirm this event.


In addition to photographic evidence showing the existence of John Lennon in 1958 Capri as late as September 30, 1964, there are several reasons why it is not reasonable to expect that his famous guitars was stolen. Those who are guided by rumor and blindly believe that Rickenbacker was secretly lost are to remember the many rumors Beatles were never true, including “the assertion that Paul McCartney was dead!” To date, there has been no convincing evidence to support the speculation that the old warhorse tattered and torn John Lennon was stolen. So what are some of the reasons arguing against the cover-up that the first mysterious John Lenno ‘s Rickenbacker was lost. For starters, his guitar was shown on the pictures later and Bacon 1994 publication date, and it is recognized as part of the collection owned by Lennon Yoko Ono. In addition, Lennon was asked repeatedly over the years by journalists for whom he had the greatest respect. These include, but are by no means limited to, Ray Coleman, Hunter Davies and Barry Miles. Indeed, these authors report such a story which, if true, would be one of the biggest scoops John Lennon of all time. Indeed, this mysterious disappearance has not been documented by a journalist credible rock music in the last 30 years. In addition, in the current climate of auctions of famous instruments, the person in possession of this instrument (now worth a tidy sum of nearly one million dollars perhaps) would have long since advanced. Interestingly, none of the remaining Beatles ever offered comment on the death of John George and 325 guitars Rickenbacker for example, has absolutely no difficulty to recognize Instrument be his loss. Finally a story on a hardship experienced by one of the Beatles can be expected to have a large following and almost always end up in the news. There is a surprising absence of all the stories in newspapers and magazines about this event. Surely this would be an important story for any newspaper or tabloid of simply based on money to be on the increase in sales.


Listening to “Every Little Thing”, John reveals not only playing 325/12, but his ’58 325. Perhaps it is better heard in solo play Lower numbers. “That John plays solo part on his twelvestring is easy to recognize being. It is “rushing” through the arpeggio thereof in a manner that part George, with its more casual style, ever do.


1958 Rickenbacker 325 Capri

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John Lennon 1958 Rickenbacker 325 Capri

A significant piece of music history. It’s not like a STRAT, a television announcer, a Les Paul, or any other legendary Musical Instruments. When you see such a guitar, you immediately think of one and only a guitarist: John Winston lennon.


Rickenbacker guitars were founded in 1931 by Adolph Rickenbacker and George Beauchamp (pronounced Beechum).


The company started with the stove It was a con steel guitar U and directed by Beauchamp. He presented a magnetic sensor horseshoe that surrounded the strings. The body was round the neck like a long handle.


Wire the years Rickenbacker (which changed its spelling) has produced some of the finest and most recognized guitars in the world. included the 1958 Rickenbacker 325 Capri


A leading designer who came to work for Rickenbacker was Roger Rossmeisl. He learned his trade working with his father, Wenzel Rossmeisl. Wenzel founded Roger Guitars in Germany and manufactured fine archtop hollow body guitars quality. In fact Wenzel Rossmeisl e may have been the leading manufacturer of electric guitar in post-war Germany.


Roger moved to the United States in 1952 and immediately went to work for several manufacturers remarkable guitar.


While in Germany, Roger had contacted Ted McCarty and was offered a job with Gibson. After conflicts with society, Rossmeisl left and was offered a job by Paul Barth, who ran for Rickenbacker Francis C. Hall.


Rossmeisl Rickenbacker stayed with for eight years before being hired by Fender. Rossmeisl was also a bit of history with Semie Mosley and Mosrite guitars. Rossmeisl became well known in the industry for the German Carve. This is an exclusion beveled perimeter around guitars that makes up guitars stand out.


It was Rossmeisl which was responsible for many of the most famous Rickenbacker models and is responsible for the 1958 Rickenbacker 325 Capri, which was the guitar we most associate with the young John Lennon. This is the guitar he played when many of us first saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.


1958 rickenbacker 325 – was the first in a series of Rickenbacker published in 1958, the hollow-body guitar.


Rickenbacker uses No.0 for the  ending on all guitars at full scale.  Short neck scale was end in No.5 .


Neck on 1958 Rickenbacker 325 Capri guitar John Lennon was extremely short for a single 20 3/4 “nut to the saddle. Cutting plans are representative of a crescent moon design. Though the body seems solid, it was in fact hollow carved Alder. Rickenbackers Many are carved from a piece of wood and the top hair and vo hauled or flat. This guitar has a flat top without or Alder es. guitar Lennon was one of the first batch did. later models after 1958 boasted a rosette. 



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‘W Series’

Colour of the Year 2014

A rare opportunity for you in this classic bassist in such a unique finish.
Classic Rickenbacker bass – the famous ringing continuously, high punch and solid at the bottom of the bass. Combined with a subtle favor with elegant arc airframe and mahogany fingerboard. Luxury triangle inlay and stereo function is a standard function.
Size: solid
Wire products: 20
Scale length is 84.5 cm (1/4 “) 33
The neck pillow width 42.9 mm (1 11/16 “)
Neck width on the 12th article 54.0 mm (2 1/8 “)
The crown radius of 25.4 cm (10 ‘)
Wood of the body: maple
The neck of wood: maple
Fingerboard wood, rose wood
Weight: 4.1 kg (9.0 pounds).
The total length: 113.8 cm (44 13/16 ‘)
Total 34.3 cm wide (13 1/2 “)
The overall depth: 51.2 mm (1 1/4 “)
Is the neck binding:
Wire mark style: triangle
Padding: RIC
Bridge: RIC
Neck: through the body
Pick-up number: 2
Pickup type: one coil
The output type: mono and stereo
Nose: Salem luxury
Buy Rickenbacker Bass reviews:
This Rickenbacker Bass plays a big in the summer, when you’re not constantly adjust the truss rod. A convex, and the other a concave. I can’t believe that it does not tear apart. On the way to get palm mute mute pad of the screw. Records of the pick-up can be tricky constant hum. It’s no use plastic cover for pickup. From the good aspects: – work for hand and fingers (without so many chords) or major. – balance – beautiful. – when the appropriate adjustments to the neck feel great (… but for how long?). I have been playing the bass for 20 years. I play this six years, always disappointed. Would you please do me a favor, try other bass within this price range. The bass TRUELY love Labour.
I buy the Rickenbacker Bass in late September, I was told that it will be about two years of waiting (maximum). A few weeks later, I have received a phone call that my bass is overcome all the difficulties of the town. I didn’t put all the money I have saved because I didn’t expect it so soon, but when I went to the long MaiKuiDe to play it, I can’t leave without it! The bass is I went to the bass and it using your fingers, has a perfect sound and smooth sweet voice! And its ` glad to have a pick a more sharp, an aggressive voice! The bass can do what you want it, it’s worth every penny!

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Rickenbacker 325 popular c64 JG electric guitar
maple, set in the maple neck xylophone, rosewood fingerboard (with dot Mosaic), 21, 533 mm size, 41, 4 mm nut width, luxury reappearance tuner restoring ancient ways, 3 retro one coil at the top of the toaster pickups, weight: CA. 3, 2 kg, color: Jetglo,
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descrp: Lake Placid Blue with matching headstock. pearloid dot/bound 7.25″ radius rosewood fingerboard, alder body

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Jetglo Rickenbacker

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Jetglo black Rickenbacker bass 4003
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Classic Rickenbacker bass in Jetglo black!
The 4003 Rickenbacker bass is a famous ringing continuously, high power, solid bottom bottom. It also with its unique, elegant arc body modelling, by binding, luxury triangle plate set, stereo output, one-piece design construction, double truss, wide response range and high output of single coil pickups subtle with emphasis and brilliant clarity. Restoring ancient ways tonal choose activated treble in capacitor emphasized high-end pickup circuit. In asking you to get familiar with the voice of the 4003, add the pull to bite and crispness.
Product specification Jetglo black Rickenbacker bass 4003
Elegant arc modelling of the fuselage
The stereo output
One-piece body construction
Double truss
High output of single coil pickups
Restore ancient ways tonal choose to ascend and high-end
Luxury triangle is embedded
Salem luxury machine cutter

Rickenbacker 350 V63 Electric Guitar in JetGlo

The v63 Rickenbacker 350 Liverpool Jetglo is based on the classic style of John Lennon’s 325 series guitar. This kind of style restoring ancient ways to update the traditional design to the size of the full scale and performance. Top one coil toaster ™ pick-up restoring ancient ways, pure black knob, tuner and a copy of the flying wing is reminiscent of another era, but provide the feel and sound modern guitarist needs. This Rickenbacker 350 V63  Jetglo is a Very cool guitar !
Body Type Semi-Hollow
No. Frets 21
Scale Length 62.9 cm (24 3/4”)
Neck Width at Nut 41.4 mm (1.63”)
Neck Width at 12th Fret 49.05 mm (1 .931”)
Crown Radius 25.4 cm (10”)
Body Wood Maple
Neck Wood Maple
Fingerboard Wood Rosewood
Weight 3.2 kg (7.0 lbs.)
Overall Length 95.2 cm (37 1/2”)
Overall Width 32.4 cm (12 3/4”)
Overall Depth 38.1 mm (1 1/2”)
Neck Binding No
Fret Marker Style Dot
Tailpiece Trapeze
Bridge 6-way
Neck Type Set-in
No. of Pickups 3
Type of Pickups V intage Single Coil Toaster Top™
Output Type Mono
Machine Heads Deluxe Vintage